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Greenhouse Control Systems Greenhouse Control Systems Greenhouse Control Systems work like Dosatron Greenhouse Control Systems  Dosatron Greenhouse Control Systems

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Our system install already in 625 location Worldwide and  21 Country our customer like Fisher Germany understand the value of this  products we provide solution for many of Fisher mega  greenhouse facility our software can be translates to your language today we support English Spanish Russian Turkish Hebrew Chinese and Arabic if you need greenhouse environmental computer please give us a call we also provide irrigation solution for outside field and in the greenhouse   call or send us e-mail we like to hear from you click on the contact button or call us in united states  732 91 6544 thank you again 

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Greenhouse environmental system

Greenhouse Control Systems

key benefits 

Greenline is the Technologically Leading Greenhouse Climate& irrigation Control system on the market today with over 500 installation world wide. click on world map

Key benefit

*         Our system  is similar In function  to Priva , argus , Micro Grow is  trademarks for the companys we cintrol the boiler fan roof motor irrigation and all other function  of the greenhouse  

.  Read more about how computer change the business

  Computers are everywhere nowadays, from office computers to home appliances to cars. Recently I took my car to a garage because the engine light was on, and guess what, the first thing the mechanic did was to hook up their diagnostic computer to check the computer embedded in my car. As a grower, have you wondered what is in a greenhouse computer and how to take advantage of its full potential?

There are three basic components in a greenhouse computer climate control system: sensors, a computer, and actuators. Sensors are used to collect information that is important for plant growth. Most commonly collect information includes temperature and relative humidity. Other environmental information such as CO2, light, vapor pressure deficit, soil tension is also used for more sophisticated plant growth regulation.

Greenhouse control strategies are programmed into computer to accept set points from growers and make decisions to heat, cool, shade, or water, based on information collected by sensors. By controlling actuators such as heater/broiler, roof vent/exhaust fan, shade cloth, or irrigation/misting, one will be able to provide favorable environments for plant growth automatically.

hTo make sure a computer controlled system works, all three components will have to work individually, and together as a system. For sensors to work properly, it is best to make sure 1) sensors are placed at a location where local environment is most important to plant growth, 2) sensors are measuring authentic environmental conditions, and 3) sensors are calibrated. Sensors are best placed right next to where the plants are, shielded from direct sun light, and in a location that is most representative to the whole growing area. An aspirated sensor can be placed anywhere in an area that has uniform climate. In the case of large climate variations from one end of the growing zone to the other, good air mixing by circulating air, is essential to achieving climate uniformity.

Control strategies can be simple, single events or sophisticated operations that require well orchestrated multiple events. Turn on a heater when temperature is below set point is a simple, single event. Enrichment of carbon dioxide needs a bit more coordination to be efficient. For example, CO2 injection should be stopped when ventilation is called for cooling. There is no reason to add CO2 if it will be vent out without been used by plants. To further improve plant growth efficiency, light level, CO2 level, and nutrient concentration could all be controlled using supplemental lighting, CO2 enrichment, and fertigation, respectively. Coordination of individual control events is critical for all of them to work together effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance is just as important for greenhouse computers as for cars. Sensor calibration for a greenhouse computer system is similar to tune-up for a car. Finely tuned system performs at a higher level and is more trustworthy. On the contrary, if sensor readings are not reliable, performance of the computer control system is predictably unacceptable. To be able to trust your greenhouse computer control system, one must have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of sensor readings. It is a good idea to calibrate your temperature and light sensors annually, and relative humidity sensors quarterly. It is also a good idea to install easy-to-read dial thermometers and hygrometers next to computer sensors so one can make quick checks that computer sensor readings are reasonable.

Adopting a computer control system for automated greenhouse control is like learning to drive a car. The more you know about the potentials and limitations of the system, the more you can benefit from it. Greenhouse control computer system is expensive, yet, it is a proven technology that has been adopted to reduce labor expenses, to enable more precise control of plant growth and development. To justify the financial investment and be able to get the most out of a system, a maintenance schedule of checking sensors, actuators (e.g. fans, cooling pads) is warranted.

 Control All Your Green House Climate and Irrigation Functions centrally at the Click of a button have the freedom to do it from anywhere anytime where you have Internet connection.

*          Get free of charge   graphical display like your in the greenhouse

*          The Most User Friendly System in the Market Today.

*          The system is customized according to your needs will you build greenhouse.

*           Improve Efficiency and Boost Productivity Throughout Your Operation.

*           Reduce fuel and chemical consumption.

*           Prevent human errors and send an alarm in the event of malfunction.

*           The System is Modular and Easy to Install, Requiring No Additional Software.

*           You be able to monitor and operate your greenhouse remotely from anywhere where you   have Internet connection.

*          The system will keep historical data about your environment for future analysis

 questions that customer asked all the time    Q   question    A answer

Q JOHN  what is the  different between HANNA fertigation  and gavishusa fertigation system

A if i not mistaken Hanna fertigation  machine is limited to 300 gpm our can handle

8 to 600 gpm with bigger pump we can go up to 1000 also our machine can be integrated to the climate control computer in your greenhouse this way.  You can consider other condition such radiation, wind, and, others special request.

Q David NJ I have Micro Grow system that invest is your computer system can work together in Greenhouse Control Systems

A it is possible to keep your system intact and some of the function not control by the micro grow system we going to accommodate

Q MARK Wisconsin how much is your injection machines cost and if I be able to use Priva With your system

A you can purchase the fertilize injection machine separately and operates it as a separate units

Q  Mark new England we debating what system to purchase Priva  Argus. q com What makes your system better

A when purchasing system like these new showed look of every aspect Argus is excellent system also PRIVA you should look at the price and warranty please call the manufacture to find out what is best for you Q COME is not in business from what I understand .

Q David Canada do we have any dealer in Canada or united states .

A yes our installer servers and support located in Jackson NJ telephone support available 24 by seven also dispatch technician in NJ New York and Pennsylvania available contact as for detail .

Q I have old argus I looked at your system and like to know if you're system can work with argos computer i am expanding my greenhouse

A if you start with ARGUS or Priva continue its not make sense to have hybrid system .

Q bob UK we have argus sysem is your Fertigation Machine can work with argus computer

A Absolutely NO argus have their own machine we have our machine the software is different .

Q Jeff Canada Montreal  we have new construction greenhouse coming up if we send you the construction plan do you give me a price for this project  Greenhouse Control Systems

A absolutely e mail me the auto cad file for the greenhouse construction and we Contact you immediately with the system cost  you can also contact our greenhouse supply directly

Q is your company making irrigation control system

A absolutely because gavish computer system control all function in a greenhouse including irrigation and chemical injection our system provides complete irrigation and chemical injection

Q is a chemical machine can work in irrigation hybrid system such drip Irrigation and sprinkler irrigation

q what type of chemical can be used in your chemical injection machine

a as long that the chemical is liquid and we can read the changes on the sensor that going to work usually EC PH

Q what the different between your system and what we have at the now we have Dosatron  fertilizer injectors

A Dosatron  fertilizer injectors  is manual injector you don't have any real time measuring of the chemical your inject

Q what is real-time measuring and what it will do to me

A real-time measuring is the computer check the amount of chemical in all-time and adjusted automatically  Another plus is that each amount is recording on a computer so you can actually go back to your historical inflammation and find out why you have a problem.

Q Do you use Dosatron  fertilizer injectors  on your fertilizer machine

A we don't use Dosatron  fertilizer injectors  on our machine since our injector need to be control by the computer system in all-time Dosatron  fertilizer injectors  is mechanical system

Q is your  injectors machine can be used in other application such as PEST CONTROL  FOOD PROCESSING


A  absolutely no matter what we inject into the water we can always monitor it when we have the sensor in place

we can always inject different chemical such as chlorine and other chemical in the same time.

Q we need to control  greenhouse windows  in a greenhouse garden center  and greenhouse nurseries  is your computer system can control all the plant greenhouse

A we  support  all wholesale greenhouse 

Q i need boiler company in nj

in need repair in new York  liebherr ice maker

Jersey commercial refrigeration Q is you system support cold frame greenhouse in greenhouse tomatoes and greenhouse seed

Greenhouse Control Systems

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