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Typical irrigation facility supporting   about 300 gallon per minute in 8 different green houses  and outside field  this machine support 4 different chemical and can be built according to spec

A software below can give you graphical picture of what going on in your environment including alert in respect to problem alert can be sent to you anywhere SMS OR EMAIL

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Accurate implementation of irrigation and Fertilization according to
the grower's specifications.

Convenient and simple specification of water quantity, different
fertilizer concentrations, and level of water content. -

Threshold level of stopping the fertilization, irrigation timing, groups
of irrigation valves, irrigation sequence.

For each valve, a number of irrigation times, also cyclic irrigation
many times a day.

Irrigation timing according to the clock, radiation level, densitometer.

Methods to control fertilization: proportional, level control (PID),

Irrigation halt in case of unusual occurrences (unusual flow rate,
unusual fertilizer level, lack of water or pressure).

Reports on Irrigation performance-last irrigation, daily and periodically,
concentration in different diagrams.

Warning about irregularities in planning and unusual occurrences


Specifications of "By-Pass" Fertigation Machine

Water supply (main line) diameter: Up to 8"
Water Capacity for irrigation: Up to 900 G.P.M. with a matching pump
Irrigation Capacity: 10, 26, 42, 58 Valves (can be expanded up to 500 valves)
Irrigation Programs: 50 Programs
Fertilizer Injectors: Up to 10 injectors
Chemical Injector flow: 1.55 or 4.40 G.P.M per injector
Water readings: EC 0.0 -10.0 mS, pH 0.0 -14.0
Input Sensors: Up to 16 Analog Sensors, up to 24 Digital Sensors
Output Operations: Modules of 16 outputs, up to 200 modules
Control types: As a "Stand Alone" or via PC using our Greenline Software
Display readout: LCD with 4 lines by 20 characters
This machine can also control all Greenhouse Climate functions
Environment: IP - 64
Voltage: 110/220/380/440, 50/60 Hz.
Electric Valves: 24VAC, Up to 8 Watt
Dimensions: 35"x31 "x51" (90x80x130cm)
Approx. weight: 290 Ib. (130 Kgs)