Home  PLC   stand for programmable  logic controller   unit usually control irrigation boiler and ventilation including lights and other functionality in your greenhouse we have different controller that usually design according to how many function to control unit has to control for example fans are function  water valve for irrigation are function light and lamp are function. motor roof and ventilation consider function

In order to assess the cost of the project we need to know how many function you want to control  we have an assessment document that we send you were  you  list all  the function you want to control

Computers control units

This unit normally located in the greenhouse or in case of multiple greenhouses is located in each zone all sensor ,valve, fans ,gear motor  that control function in the greenhouse such as open and close roof and windows .

these units  can be a operate as a standalone  or in combination with other units

the central computer send the program to this unit and also monitor any unusual behavior and sending alarm to grower in case of  any malfunction .



In a picture you can see the main computer control board and on right side you can see the complete units in a greenhouse environment